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About Blue Ocean Traders

Blue Ocean Traders specializes in the importing of the finest antiques and reproductions for home and garden.

Blue Ocean Traders was founded in 2000 by our President and owner Jason Mulvene. Our headquarters is located in Louisville, Kentucky, where we house the majority of our products in our 100,000 square feet warehouse.

Our President, Jason Mulvene, is constantly traveling all corners of the globe in search of the most exotic, one-of-a-kind antiques and true-to-form reproductions. Blue Ocean Traders prides itself in its ability to source salvaged, reclaimed, vintage items in quantity & to accurately reproduce pieces from the past.

With the shift in global mindset and awareness of sustainability, Blue Ocean Traders stands on the forefront of what it truly means to be green. Our mantra "there's nothing more green than vintage" is becoming increasingly relevant in the present and future of home decor.