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When Raegan Moya-Jones moved from her native Australia to the US and started a family, she brought with her many traditions of motherhood. Passed down from mother to daughter for generations, these traditions bound the women in her family and her culture together.

But, of course, a lot had changed. Cloth diapers were replaced with disposable ones. Home-sterilized glass bottles were now dishwasher-safe plastic. Strollers had gone from buggy-sized to nearly the size of an SUV.

What surprised Raegan most about the traditions she was taught wasn’t what changed, however. It was what hadn’t. For as long her mother or her grandmother could remember, mothers in Australia swaddled their babies. And they did it in pure cotton muslin.

No matter how hot it got in Australia, babies always seemed comfortable and cool during the summer months. And no matter how chilly the night air became in the evenings, muslin swaddling always seemed to protect babies from ever noticing the chill.

When Raegan started her own family, she knew that swaddling in muslin would be a part of her traditions as a mother. But when she tried to find a swaddle like the ones she remembered from home, she couldn’t. Those that she did find were too small; too thick and heavy; too restrictive; too unattractive.

So, she did what any mother would: she made sure her children could have the very best by rolling up her sleeves and getting to work. And that’s why she started aden + anais.

Raegan designed a swaddle large enough to be truly useful to mothers-- and not just for swaddling but as a stroller cover, nursing shield, tummy time blanket, or a burping cloth. She found the softest, gentlest muslin she could to fashion them out of. And she started creating colorful, modern prints that would transform this simple tool of motherhood into something stylish and fun for both baby and mom.

Now, she's a Mom on a Mission... bringing the benefits of swaddling and the world's best baby products to mothers around the world through aden + anais.

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